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Der Finaltisch der WSOP 2006 steht

Der Finaltisch der WSOP 2006 steht

Der Finaltisch der WSOP 2006 steht

Der Fianltisch der 37sten World Series of Poker steht und 9 Spieler machen sich noch Hoffnungen auf das mit $12.000.000 größte Preisgeld aller Zeiten.

Folgende Spieler sind noch dabei:(engl.)

Jamie Gold

Gold, a 36-year-old television producer from Malibu, Calif., headsinto the final table as the chip leader. Gold learned to player fromhis mother and by taking part in regular home games, but he also hashad an expert tutor in friend and 10-time gold bracelet winner JohnnyChan. Gold said he wants to win the tournament to make his father, whohas ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), proud in the little time he has left.Chip count: $25,650,000.

Allen Cunningham

The only household name to make the final table, 29-year-oldCunningham came of age with some of poker’s biggest names, includingDaniel Negreanu and John Juanda. With four World Series of Pokerbracelets to his name, including one earlier this year, theunderstated Las Vegas resident remains well positioned going into thefinal table. Chip count: $17,770,000.

Richard Lee

Lee was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and now resides in San Antonio.The 55-year-old investor has been playing poker for 40 years; he ismarried with three children. This marks the second year Lee has playedin the World Series of Poker. His greatest poker moment was going from185,000 in chips to 2,350,000 in chips during a single day of the MainEvent. Chip count: $11,820,000.

Erik Friberg

This 23-year-old Swede has been playing poker for 10 years. Aformer student, Friberg is now a professional poker player. This marksthe Stockholm resident’s first year participating in the World Seriesof Poker. Chip count: $9,605,000.

Paul Wasicka

Wasicka, whose nickname is “Kwickfish,” taught himself to playpoker 2.5 years ago with the help of some friends. A former bartenderand restaurant manager, the 25-year-old counts “sucking out on aces"as a hobby. Prior to making the Main Event final table, theWestminster, Colo., resident’s best finish came earlier this year,when he placed 15th in another tournament. Chip count: $7,970,000.

Douglas Kim

Kim is a 22-year-old a resident of Hartsdale, N.Y., who has beenplaying poker for four years. The financial consultant has aneconomics degree from Duke University and counts guitar playing andvideo games as his hobbies. He learned to play poker through a friendand considers his greatest poker moment “making kings fold pre-flopwithout having aces.” Chip count: $6,770,000.

Rhett Butler

Butler, an insurance agent from Rockville, Md., is making animpressive debut at the World Series of Poker, thus far outlasting allbut eight of the record 8,773 entrants in this year’s Main Event. The44-year-old father of three can be found on the golf links when notseated at a poker table. He learned to play poker from his father 25years ago and said he is playing in the tournament for his family andfriends. Chip count: $4,815,000.

Michael Binger

This 29-year-old Atherton, Calif. resident describes himself as aprofessional poker player and part-time theoretical physicist - heearned a PhD in theoretical particle physics from Stanford earlierthis year. Binger has been playing poker for six years, and this marksthe second year he has played in the World Series of Poker. Inaddition to making the final table of the Main Event, he made thefinal table of a $1,500 buy-in event earlier in the tournament and won$100,000. Chip count: $3,140,000.

Dan Nassif

Nassif taught himself to play poker three years ago. He hasentered the World Series of Poker twice, with this final tableappearance being by far his greatest performance. The 33-year-oldaccount executive lives in St. Louis and enjoys golfing when he isn’t playing poker. Chip count: $2,600,000.

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