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Poker Betting structure

Within one version of Poker one differentiates furthermore between No Limit, Pot Limit and Fixed Limit.

In the online poker rooms usually all three possibilities are provided.

  • Fixed Limit
    There is a certain rate for a bet or a raise. For example, in a $1/$2 limit game, the betting rate in the first (Pre-Flop) and in the second (Post-Flop) round amounts to $1 (Small Bet). You are also allowed to raise by exactly $1 only (thus to $2, then to $3 and finally to $4) up to a maximum of three times (thus up to a maximum of $4). Three raises are called a Cap. Starting with the Turn (third round of betting) the bet amounts to $2 (Big Bet), thus explaining the title $1/$2.

    During each round a maximum of three raises is allowed.

  • Pot Limit
    In a Pot Limit game the Small Blind and Big Blind are always determined. Not to be confused with the Small Bet and Big Bet! During each round you are allowed to raise a maximum of an amount equal to the amount in the pot. For example, $0.10/$0.20 Small Blind $0.10 + Big Blind $0.20 = $0.30. The next raise (without someone else calling) can be a maximum of $0.30. Now there are $0.50 to call.

    In each round you can raise as often as you like.

  • No Limit
    The mother of all disciplines. At any time any amount can be put into the pot, meaning that there are no limits for a raise and no maximum of allowed raises per round. That can become very costly, but also very lucrative :).

At the beginning we recommend Fixed Limit to anyone, however, this can quickly become boring for some people. There are some basic differences between playing Fixed Limit and No Limit or Pot Limit. You should just try out both and then decide. For your first steps though you should stick to Fixed Limit.