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Poker - The basics of betting
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Poker - The basics of betting

Bet: You bet your money and put it in the pot. The other players then have to decide if they want to call, raise or fold.

Check: Checking means not betting money. It is, however, possible to continue the game. If someone else bets, you must decide if you want to call as well, raise or fold.

Fold: you have a really bad hand and see no chance of bluffing, you fold your hand.

Call: You match the bet of a previous player. You stay in the game and either the next card is uncovered or there's a showdown.

Raise: You match the last bet and raise the bet once more. Once again the other players now have to decide if they call, reraise or fold.

Showdown: If the last card is exposed and more than one player is betting there's a showdown. The player with the best hand wins the whole pot. If several players have an equally best hand the money in the pot is divided between those players.

Strategies for betting

Reraise: If another player raises after a bet and you think your hand is the best or if you just want to bluff the other players, you can reraise and increase the bet one more time. The other players now have to decide if they want to call, fold or reraise the bet further.

Check-raise: You have a strong hand (i.e. four of a kind) and want more than just one bet from your opponents. If you are now the first to check, you make the impression of having a weak hand. If someone else bets now, you just raise his bet and thus have more money in the pot.

Check-and-call: In the case of an average hand where you are possibly missing one card for a flush, it's better to check. If someone else bets then you should consider if the pot is big enough to see another card and to bet along.