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Poker Player types

It's important that you adapt your strategy and choose your starting hands according to the circumstances at your table. Let me remind you that the starting hands for different positions at the table which I posted in the category Internetpoker apply for relatively normal Fixed Low Limit Holdem Online Netgames.

I can only repeat this over and over - it's better to play too tight than too loose if you're a beginner and not used to situations that may develop.

Poker expressions which relate to game circumstances

Tight means that a player waits for good starting hands before he bets and also that he chooses the strongest starting hands.

Lose means that a player allows himself to play more hands than the statistically advantageous ones. A player who is too loose can play any hand with the wrong motivation - "any random two cards can win" - and believes that the cards before the flop aren't particularly important.

Indeed it is true that any two random cards can win, but in the long run this isn't the statistically advantageous way of playing. We are well aware of the fact that the strong hands will take in their share of the winnings in the end.

This particularly applies to Low-Limit Hold'em, wenn many players go along with the flop and when it's practically impossible to bluff and to win the pot that way.

Sometimes playing loose can be correct - to a higher degree this is true for No-Limit Hold'em when there were no high raises before the flop, and for Fixed-Limit Shorthanded, where you often play loosely and aggressively.

Aggressiv means that a player bets and raises often.

Passiv A passive player does not exhibit much action at the table. Normally you would only see a raise here if the player has a very good and strong hand.

... can be combined to form these player types:

Lose Passiv Known as "Calling Station". Often plays every start hand and often plays along after the flop, even though his cards aren't good enough. This player doesn't only give away his money in the long run, he is also very predictable and this makes him the weakest player type. Bluffing isn't worth it, since he plays along so often.

Lose Aggressiv This player also basically plays every random starting hand. However, the big problem is that he raises often and even reraises until the river card is displayed. It's difficult to decide if he has a good hand or not, and every time you encounter this player type, it may cost you. Normally there are two possible scenarios:
1. You win a lot.
2. You lose a lot.

Tight Passiv This player plays only the strongest hands but he normally doesn't have the required skills to maximize his earnings and to become dangerous at the table. Predictable.

Tight Aggressiv This player type knows which hands are suitable for which situations. He also understands that check-raise after the flop can be a clever alternative for seeing the river card at half price, given that he has a hand with appropriate Odds, and so on...
To cut a long story short, this is the player type who usually has the best Texas Hold'em skills and who hopefully corresponds to the player type you would like to become yourself.