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Below is a genuine offer I post on behalf of DailyPoker!

Team DailyPoker will participate in tournaments in Europe during 2009.
The Team will participate in 5 EMOP (European masters of poker) tournaments with a buy-in of €1.100 - €2.200 to start with.

The regular team of 6 members will be sponsored with buy-in, flight, hotel and dinner.
Every tournament will have 3-10 guest players which will qualify through various campaigns and freerolls on DailyPoker and DailyPokerMatrix.

For the regular team we are looking for:
• Outgoing, positive and social persons.
• Players whom can show to good results in the past.
• People that are excited by the innovative concept of DailyPoker.
• People with a good network.
• People whom can represent the company good.

To be evaluated as a regular member of the team you have to send us some information about yourself to Include age, location, how long you have played (Online/live), what you prefer to play online (game/stakes), how much you play, any results and about yourself in general. Please include any other interests that may be good for the team – for instance blog writing, photography, experience from marketing etc.
Application deadline: 2nd of February 2009.

The regular team will consist of 6 players. Applicants whom play at least 1 real money hand at DailyPoker in January will be eligible to participate in a freeroll 10th of February with 2 guest packages to an EMOP event + a special prize. The 25 most interesting applicants will play in an additional freeroll in May with 2 EMOP packages.

We prefer that applicants have some knowledge to the new innovative concept of DailyPoker. Description of the concept can be found at the website made for the business opportunity associated with DailyPoker, DailyPokerMatrix. Go to – download the competence document.

Follow the link below to open an account with DailyPoker:

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