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Poker Forum - Pokerstars.fr blocks Austrian players

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Straight Ace-High

Registriert: Mo 4. Jun 2012, 01:43
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Wohnort: Vienna, Austria

Beitrag Verfasst: Do 25. Feb 2016, 19:00 
Sehr interessant, ich wusste davon nichts...

cliffs: Österreicher dürfen nicht mehr auf pokerstars.fr spielen.

Hello XXX,

We are writing to inform you that, due to latest change of the legal framework in Austria, starting at 10:00 ET on March 1st we will stop allowing players based in Austria to play on the PokerStars.fr site.

Your PokerStars.fr account will remain open and accessible, and your funds may be withdrawn at any time to your registered bank account. Any tournament tickets or T€ balance will be automatically converted to Euro when you visit the Cashier.

You are welcome to use your StarsCoin to purchase Cash Rebates or any other items from the VIP Store with the exception of online tickets. Please also be informed that your Real Money and StarsCoin balances cannot be transferred between accounts on different licenses.

Please be assured that you can create an account or you will be able to continue to play at PokerStars.eu. If your VIP status is higher on PokerStars.fr than on PokerStars.eu, please email vipclub@pokerstars.eu and we will be happy to transfer your status and yearly VPP balance between the sites. Please note, however, that VPP balances cannot be combined between accounts on different licenses.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we hope that you will continue to use our services on the PokerStars.eu site.

Please let us know if you have further questions regarding this matter.


PokerStars VIP Club

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” - Seneca

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Registriert: Do 31. Mär 2016, 13:01
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Beitrag Verfasst: Do 2. Feb 2017, 18:21 
Ich hab gesehen dass viele casinos blockiert werden...es ist ganz traurig :(

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