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internet poker The Internet revolutionized poker. Thanks to the Internet it is now possible for poker players from all over the world to meet on so-called platforms to indulge their passion. At these poker tables they don't play against the house or a professional dealer. They play against other players from all over the world who gather to compete against each other. And last but not least there is an increasing number of poker players who have made a fortune through gambling.

It is absolutely necessary not to play any given hand. Good poker playing means waiting for a chance and then grabbing it.

Many poker players, especially Americans, don't take this basic rule to heart. They need the kick of playing every hand and thus are guaranteed to lose in the long run.

If you really want to make money playing poker, you need patience. The key to good earnings is to realize that the target is to win in the long and not in the short term.

Every beginner should first get some experience at tables with play money or low limits (0,02/0,04 cent). It is not possible to win a fortune there, but nonetheless you get used to the game.