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Today you will find a lot of different poker platforms on the internet. We only want to recommend platforms which have established a reliable image in the last years and a minimum of 100.000 registered players. We ourselves have been playing online poker for years and this site presents our experiences with the top sites.

For a review of the different platforms click on the respective logo or the writing.

PokerWorld24 - Advice

It is by all means not wrong to download software from several providers in order to first test different ones. At the beginning, use play money (of course this is possible with all providers) and then decide on the software you feel most comfortable with. The great bonuses for the first payments gave me the motivation as well to register with all the poker platforms in order to cash in the juicy bonus payments.

With a careful, and as described above, not too aggressive game, the bonus payments can be reeled in quite quickly.

For the payments I recommend getting an Internet account. Neteller is accepted by all the above named platforms. I myself have used Neteller only for a while now. The money can be easily and rapidly transferred from platform to platform.